The Future is Film3
The Future is Film3

The Future is Film3

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ABOUT US: The Film3 Collective is a digital community of storytellers and innovators who believe in a future where artistic, creative, and entrepreneurial talent can be released from the restrictions of the film & television industry. We believe that in order to instill better mobility, equity, and opportunity in our industry we must collectively safeguard the education and onboarding resources so that artists can better utilize decentralized tools.

What’s the difference between Film2 & Film3?

Film2 is the streaming generation and media industry as we know it: top-down organizational structures, extreme centralization, and the many layers of middlemen in-between. For the creator, Film2 is a long series chutes and ladders where there is only room for the top 10%.

Film3 is the next generation of media industry where the blockchain and digital communities replace those many layers of middlemen and redistribute revenue across a flat organizational structure. However, these changes to the industry still leave inherent problems:

Roadblocks for Independent Filmmakers ⚠️ 

In order to make a life (and a legacy) as an independent filmmaker, every artist must face adversity and competition from the largest studios and streamers in the world. Mainstream distribution is not easy, and success is not a given. For those who look to Web3 for answers, the learning curve is steep.

An oversaturated NFT & crypto market 🌊

Narrative content is an art form that often requires the highest level of capital and resources. Additionally, in order to succeed in Web3, success is highly contingent on strong marketing, community-building, and experience in the space; skills that aren’t necessarily native to those coming from Film2.

The Film3 Collective is how we stand strong, together.

Across Film3, blockchain-based solutions are innovating many sectors of the media and content industry. However, our individual projects and products are far outnumbered by traditional media. In order to achieve some semblance of “WAGMI”, it is imperative that we work together across our industry. This goes beyond our interpersonal relationships and overlapping communities, this level of success requires us to function as a coalition, one bound by strategic partnerships and a singular roadmap. We aren’t building individual projects or brands, we are co-creating an ecosystem. This ecosystem is called Film3, and we are the Film3 Collective.

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